Make a Choice about Your Power of Attorney in Tacoma, WA

  • Create a durable power of attorney
  • Make a durable power of attorney
  • Revoke a power of attorney
  • Create power of attorney for health care
  • Create special power of attorney
  • Determining what happens when a power of attorney terminates
  • Determining attorney-in-fact
  • Determining co-attorneys-in-fact
  • Recording a durable power of attorney

Who has your written authority to do the following if you are unable?

  • Admit you to the ER or hospital?
  • Give consent to your emergency medical treatment?
  • Get you assisted care or rehabilitation?
  • Discuss your care and treatment with your physicians?
  • Make decisions for your health care?
  • Handle your health insurance matters if you are unable?
  • Contact your auto insurer and file a claim if in an accident?
  • Contact law enforcement for you if in an accident?
  • Contact your employer for you?
  • Contact your family or relatives?
  • Get and deposit your paycheck in your account for you?
  • Handle your mail? Forward it to them to handle?
  • Enter your safe deposit box for you?
  • Do your banking because you are unable?
  • Pay your bills because you are unable?
  • Talk with your attorney and accountant?
  • Take care of your home? Secure and lock it up?
  • Sell your home for you if necessary for your care?
  • Deal with any of your insurance matters?
  • Deal with your Social Security or pension matters?
  • Take care of your kids, their school, and their care?
  • Take care of your IRS matters and property taxes?
  • Take care of your affairs if you are unable?

We also make home, hospital, & nursing home appointments!

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We also make home, hospital, & nursing home appointments!