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  • Who will take care of your heirs and assets
    when you are gone?

  • We can help you prepare for unexpected circumstances.

  • We accommodate home, hospital and
    nursing home appointments.

  • Help to navigate the complicated waters of probate.

  • Serving Tacoma and the greater Pierce County area
    for over 30 years.

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See how we help executors, administrators, and personal representatives.


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Wills & Trusts

Be prepared! Plan what happens with your assets intended for family.


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Power of Attorney & More

Click here to see what to consider if you are unable to take care of your affairs.


Questions about Probate or Wills? Protect Your Family’s Inheritance with an Attorney Having 30+ Years of Legal Experience in Tacoma, WA

Masters Law Offices gladly handles probates and probate court matters, Wills, estate planning, power of attorney, inheritance matters, real estate transfers in probate, community property agreement, guardianship matters, directive to physician, and trust revocations or cancellations.

Our philosophy is to help clients with the following:

  • Make client’s life easier and save client time
  • Simplify probate duties and inheritance matters
  • Take care of assets and debts of the deceased
  • Transfer assets to heirs and beneficiaries
  • Accomplish the legal duties of probate
  • Prepare Wills and other documents
  • Create personal estate planning solutions
  • Plan giving assets to heirs and minor children
  • Designate a guardian for minor children
  • Give practical legal advice and assistance

We listen. We counsel. We advise. We teach and explain.

We show clients what needs to be done and how to do it.

We help with the required probate papers. We go to court. We simplify. We welcome client questions.

We help clients solve their probate legal difficulties. We provide sensible solutions for probate and Wills.

Masters Law Offices

6240 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Suite 102
Tacoma, WA 98409

We also make home, hospital, & nursing home appointments!