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Probate and Inheritance Help in Tacoma, WA

We frequently consult clients and answer questions about the following:

  • Probatecourt-room
  • The probate process
  • Probate court
  • What to do if the Will is lost?
  • Dying with a Will
  • Dying without a Will
  • Decedent’s Will in safe deposit box
  • How to start Probate
  • When/how to file Will with the court
  • Start probate in which county?
  • Becoming a personal Representative
  • Becoming an administrator or executor
  • Getting letters testamentary
  • Getting letters of administration
  • Re-opening a closed probate
  • Appointing an executor who lives out of Washington State
  • How to handle a solvent estate (when more assets than debts)
  • How to handle an insolvent estate (when more debts than assets)
  • Giving notice to creditors
  • Publishing notice to creditors
  • What is a creditor’s claim?
  • Paying debts of deceased person
  • The correct order of paying estate debts
  • Making a creditor’s claim
  • What is court intervention?
  • What is court non-intervention power?
  • Setting up an estate bank account
  • Getting an estate inventory of assets
  • Requesting inventory of estate Assets
  • Selling real estate in probate
  • Transferring real estate to heir
  • Clear title to real estate after death
  • Deed to transfer real estate upon death
  • Transfer vehicle to heir
  • Determining executor fees for probate
  • Determining attorney fees for probate
  • What are court fees for probate?
  • What is a small estate affidavit?


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